Epitectural Blocks (Milwaukee Art Museum), 2011

Architecture That Relies Upon

The Epitecture Studio explores and presents the epitecture concept. Derived from the words epi- meaning "upon, in addition" and tecture (texture) meaning "network, structure" it refers to a structure/sculpture/architecture that relies upon another self-defined one for its existence. Similar to epiphytes, which derive support from other plants; epitecture utilizes its host for support as well as provide it with design inspiration.

Location, Story, and Interpretation are keys to any example of epitecture, and distinguishes it from being merely an addition to an existing structure, piece of sculpture, or architectural detail. A defined location takes an idea and places it into physical space from which it can be experienced. Once chosen, a location and all that it provides (weather, surrounding buildings, passer-byes) begins to write a story. Although the location eventually becomes part of the story, it transforms from merely a set of coordinates to a dynamic set of processes. It provides concepts (colors, forms, spaces) to explore and understand. This story eventually requires input or interpretation in order to build upon the current state. The outcome of that interpretation becomes an addition to that existing location. Hopefully, the outcome of the resulting design and build process is to focus our attention on the environment whether built or un-built and recognize the possibilities it offers.